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We Provide Our Buyers with a Builder's Limited 10-Year Insured Warranty

Every Stoneworks Building Group LLC home comes with an express 10-year insured Builder’s Limited Warranty that is clear and specific. Our warranty document provides detailed quality standards, with specific tolerances for homes built and enrolled in our program. While most builders will promote their quality, we go one step further and put our promises in writing with an insurance-backed warranty. Our warranty document identifies what is covered for how long in concise and easy-to-understand language.


Our warranty programs consist of a 10-year written warranty backed by strong insurance. The 3 distinct warranty periods:

– Year 1: Workmanship and Materials

– Year 2: Major Systems: “Inside the Wall” Coverage

– Year 3-10: Structural Elements

We have partnered with Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC) to administer this warranty, which is backed directly by Steadfast Insurance, a member of Zurich North America Group. PWSC, a leader in home builder warranties for nearly 30 years, and Zurich, an insurance provider known for its strength, size, and quality standards, are proven partners who reflect our level of professionalism, concern for homeowners, and commitment to delivering the very best in home construction and customer service.


Contact us today for more information or for a copy of our 10-year insured warranty program.
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Have A Warranty Request?

If you’re experiencing issues covered under your warranty, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure your request is handled efficiently. First, complete the provided warranty request form, making sure to include all necessary details, such as your home’s closing date. Once completed, forward the form to our Warranty Manager at Warranty@stoneworksgroup.com via email. To prevent any delays, ensure your email is directed specifically to this address. Our service hours for warranty repairs are Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 5 PM. After your home’s closing, anticipate receiving a warranty information packet from Professional Warranty Service Corporation within 30-60 days. This packet will outline your coverage, including our 1, 2, and 10-year warranty plans.


This is a critical question to ask to confirm that you and your builder have the same understanding of what is covered, especially for major structural items. Many warranties say they provide coverage when failure of a major load-bearing element has caused a home to become “unsafe, unsanitary, or unlivable”. This nebulous language can leave coverage up to an opinion and lead to nasty legal battles.
The best warranty protection comes from warranty language that defines specific standards and tolerances for each structural element.

Many builders choose to back their own warranty obligations. For small items, this is rarely a problem, but major structural defects or defects that are found in multiple homes can exceed the builder’s ability to cover those issues. When a builder defaults, homeowners can end up holding the bag. One way to alleviate this concern is to insure the warranty with a third-party provider.
Not all third-party warranty programs are created equal. Be sure to ask any potential builder you interview about the quality of their warranty partner. Is the program fully insured or just backed by a risk retention group? Make sure the builder can provide an insurance certificate showing that they are named on their own policy.

This may seem like a silly question, but many home builders use insured warranty programs that require homeowners to pay a fee to submit a claim.

In the U.S., the average length of home ownership is about 7 years. That means there’s almost always some warranty remaining when a new home is sold the first time. A transferrable warranty is a great way to add value to your home when the time comes to make your next move.

Building a new home is exciting, and it can be difficult to think about things going badly in the future. It’s rare, but disagreements between builders and homeowners can happen. When things don’t go as planned, this extremely frustrating time can be made much worse by expensive and time-consuming legal processes. Even when the agreement with your builder includes a thorough arbitration clause, the costs can add up quickly (average costs per party are $750-$1,250). Ask your builder about their dispute resolution plan and whether any of their arbitration costs are covered by their warranty insurance.


Why Choose Stoneworks?

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Recognized throughout the industry for our commitment to excellence, Stoneworks Construction Services provides comprehensive construction services tailored to every need imaginable - be it developers looking for reliable partners or families looking for their dream home - The Stoneworks team is here for all of them.

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At Stoneworks Building Group, our expert team of specialists is dedicated to providing an effortless project experience from start to finish. Leveraging vast knowledge and expertise, we ensure every project meets high standards of quality and efficiency, tailored to each client's unique needs with precision and care.

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With numerous successful projects, Stoneworks Building Group offers competitive prices and exceptional value. Our extensive experience and strategic planning ensure every client benefits from outstanding quality and value, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

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