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General Contracting

General Contracting

Excellence and Efficiency

Comprehensive General Contracting Service

At Stoneworks Building Group, we offer comprehensive general contracting services tailored to our clients’ diverse needs. Our general contracting division, with a focus on excellence and efficiency, provides two primary services: Management Services and Construction Services.

Our Services

Construction Services

Our Construction Services encompass end-to-end project management, delivering comprehensive solutions from inception to completion. Here’s what clients can expect from our construction services:

  • Full-Scale Construction: We offer complete construction solutions, covering all aspects of the project from start to finish, including our general contracting fee.
  • Dedicated Team: Our construction team comprises experienced professionals, including construction managers, area managers, and site managers, who ensure efficient project oversight and execution.
  • Transparent Reporting: Clients receive detailed project reports twice a month, providing insights into site progress and weekly updates on project status.
  • Budget Transparency: Before commencing construction, clients receive a comprehensive construction budget, updated monthly and shared regularly to maintain transparency and financial accountability.

Our Services

Management Services

Our Management Services are designed to facilitate seamless project execution, particularly for clients who have purchased or are considering purchasing a site. Here’s what our Management Services entail:

  • Service Coordination: We act as a liaison between the owner and third-party service providers, including architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, soil report companies, permit runners, and marketing and sales teams. Our extensive experience allows us to coordinate effectively and provide valuable input on design aspects.
  • Value Engineering: We actively engage in value engineering during the design stage, collaborating with owners and service providers to ensure the most cost-effective construction solutions. This strategic approach optimizes the cost of construction, delivering value to our clients.
  • Permit Management: We work closely with permit runners to oversee the permitting process until the City of Houston issues full permits, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Center Point Consultation: Our team collaborates with Center Point Advisors to align project designs with the utility’s needs and requirements. We prioritize cost-efficient electric underground designs to enhance project feasibility.

What set us apart

Experience & Reputation

With a proven track record of completing over 40 diverse projects in the City of Houston, Stoneworks Building Group has earned a reputation as one of the premier general contracting companies in the region. Our commitment to excellence and vast experience position us as a trusted partner for all construction needs. Please note: Our management services are exclusively offered in conjunction with our construction services. Let Stoneworks General Contracting division bring your next project to life. Contact us today for a consultation!


Why Choose Stoneworks?

Premier Builder & Contractor

Recognized throughout the industry for our commitment to excellence, Stoneworks Construction Services provides comprehensive construction services tailored to every need imaginable - be it developers looking for reliable partners or families looking for their dream home - The Stoneworks team is here for all of them.

Expert Team

At Stoneworks Building Group, our expert team of specialists is dedicated to providing an effortless project experience from start to finish. Leveraging vast knowledge and expertise, we ensure every project meets high standards of quality and efficiency, tailored to each client's unique needs with precision and care.

Proven Track Record

With numerous successful projects, Stoneworks Building Group offers competitive prices and exceptional value. Our extensive experience and strategic planning ensure every client benefits from outstanding quality and value, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every project we undertake.

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